…the least of these…

Compilation of songs that includes one live song not available anywhere else.

the least of these - cover 1 the least of these - cover 2 the least of these - cover 3 the least of these - tray

Label: Rebel Base Records
Format: CD
Released: 2000
Genre: Punk, Ska, Alternative Rock, Industrial, Gothic, Electronic
Producer: Bruce Wright and Scott Will
01) Intro    
02) Constancy Slick Shoes  
03) World Without End Five Iron Frenzy  
04) Kitty Intro Michael Knott  
05) Kitty Michael Knott w/ Steve Hindalong Originally on Rocket and a Bomb
06) Upside Down Never The Less  
07) Persist:Resist Deitiphobia  
08) Conversion Overcome  
09) In Your Hands Dead Artist Syndrome  
10) Jesus Is My Shrink The Smiley Kids  
11) Involuntary Suicide Signal Denison Marrs  
12) Synful Blackhouse  
13) Scenester Slow Belly  
14) Sun-Eyed Girl Strung Gurus Originally on Things I’ve Done, Things to Come
15) Victory Gunwale Under  
16) Like Rubies Fold Zandura  
17) Supermodel Citizen The Echoing Green  
18) Over Me Next Season  
19) Free At Last The Israelites  
20) Broken Chains Figure Four  
21) Tijuana Jumping Bean Deluxe Tone Rockets  
22) Views Never Enough  
23) Free Value Pac  

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  1. Scott Will on September 30, 2008 at 05:06 pm said:

    The bestest compilation album EVER! 😛 I still have a few copies sealed if anyone is interested. Scott (at) Skaught.com.

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