The Lifesavors | The Lost Nashville demo

Scheduled to be released in 2000 on M8 records as part of the Lifesavors Anthology Volume 1. Never released. Michael Knott was not involved at the band at this time.

Other Info:
“Lost in the Darkness” is also known as “Voices” on the Mark Krischak & Friends Volume 1 album.

The Lifesavors - The Lost Nashville demo The Lifesavors - Anthology 1 Cover

Label: (none)
Format: Cassette
Recorded: 1984
Genre: Power Pop
Mark Krischak: Vocals, Guitar
Kirk Heiner: Guitar
Chris Wimber: Bass Guitar
Kevin Annis: Drums
01) New Boy 3:47 Krischak, Heiner, Wimber, Annis  
02) Reach Out Your Hand 2:48 Krischak, Heiner, Wimber, Annis  
03) Lost in the Darkness 4:04 Heiner  
04) When I’m… 2:56 Krischak, Heiner, Wimber, Annis  
05) Inside Looking Out 3:16 Krischak, Heiner, Wimber, Annis  
06) Time 3:04 Krischak, Heiner, Wimber, Annis  

Older comments on “The Lifesavors – The Lost Nashville demo”

  1. tommyb on September 24, 2009 at 06:37 am said:

    I love the Lifesavors Us Kids and Dream Life are two of my fav albums! (Shaded Pain rocks too) Any one know if this album The Lost Nashville Demo ever saw the light of day?

  2. Kirk on December 16, 2012 at 09:32 am said:

    Hi, I wanted to see if you can send me a downloadable copy of this recording. I wrote the song “Voices” for my own solo album. I have some recordings of it and the rest of the album. I’d love to hear the tracks from the Lost Nashville demo. It was me, Mark, Kevin and Chris taping at midnight.

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