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The first official release to feature Michael Knott. His pariticpation in this project seemed to be minimal at best. The Lifesavors were an early New Wave/Punk band – one of the first Christian bands to ever have this sound.

Review: “Long before many Christians had ever heard about punk and hardcore, Mark Krischak, Chris Wimber, Kevin Annis and Mike Knott had made a record that you could put with your Ramones records without any diffidence. Strong against the grain vocals connected with even stronger against the grain guitars in irresistable songs…” (Music and Art) “Us Kids is a classic CCM release from the days of (very early) alternative Christian music, the time of such acts as The Lifters, Weber and the Buzztones, Andy McCarrol and Moral Support and some no-names like the 77s, The Altar Boys, Undercover, and Youth Choir. Krischak provides the lead on vocals and guitar, while he penned most of the numbers. Chris Wimber, of the Vineyard Wimbers, is also a real presence here providing bass and other guitars. There is a heavy British punk influence here…” (source unknown)

Other information:
Re-released in 1990 on Key records. Re-released in 1999 on M8 Records with bonus tracks. Re-leased in 2012 to digital outlets like Spotify and iTunes. The image on the middle left is from the 1990 Key Records release. The image on the bottom left is from the 2012 digital release.

The Lifesavors - Us Kids (record cover)

The Lifesavors - Us Kids (tape cover)

The Lifesavors - Us Kids (digital cover)

The Lifesavors
Us Kids (1981 Swing Records)
Produced by: Thom Roy

Michael Knott – rhythm guitar, BGVs
Mark Krischak – lead guitar, lead vocals, BGVs
Chris Wimber – bass, acoustic guitars, rhythm guitars, BGVs
Kevin Annis – drums, percussion, BGVs

01) Where You Going Krischak  
02) Jetstream Wimber  
03) Life Wimber  
04) Oh Yeah Krischak  
05) New Krischak, Wimber  
06) Young Krischak  
07) Blue Krischak, Wimber  
08) Operation Krischak  
09) I Am Wimber, Krischak  
10) Us Kids Wimber, Krischak  
11) Take Me Over Krischak  
12) Genocide Wimber, Krischak, Annis, Herson  
13) Isaiah 36 Krischak  
14) Christianity Krischak Live version previously released on 3-14-81 Live
The 1999 M8 re-issue includes these bonus songs:
15) In My Room unknown  
16) I Have a Car unknown  
17) Lotsa Girls unknown  
18) A Lot Like You unknown  
19) My Life unknown  
20) Down Again unknown  
21) Go Around unknown  
22) Little Maids unknown  
23) Fighter unknown  

Older comments on “The Lifesavors | Us Kids

  1. tommyb on September 24, 2009 at 06:37 am said:

    the first real christian punk rock album ever made….

  2. CRW on January 09, 2010 at 08:41 am said:

    Question about this – Why is the song order different from the original LP?

  3. Knotthead Matt on January 09, 2010 at 08:42 am said:

    I just checked my vinyl copy, and the song order is correct.

  4. Lee Osborn on May 29, 2010 at 07:28 am said:

    LIFESAVERS music save me from doing some stupid thangs in the 80’s

  5. Thom Roy on June 09, 2011 at 08:45 pm said:

    Power Pop. X.

  6. Chris Pepper on September 08, 2013 at 03:11 pm said:

    Us Kids was one of the first christian music I ever listened to. Great stuff. I also started listening to Undercover shortly after.

  7. The Jaded on December 15, 2013 at 08:04 pm said:

    Regarding the bonus tracks on this album. These songs were not songs from the band “The Lifesavors”. They were songs from a band called The Jaded, which Mark Krishcak was also the singer and frontman. They were from the Fullerton/Orange area and played around from 1990 to 1992. The Jaded was not a Christian band. Why these songs were added to another bands album as bonus songs is a little strange. The band members for this recording was: Mark Krischak – vocals, Phil Hanson – drums (Phil went on to play in Gameface and Starpool), Brett Rasmussen – bass (Brett went on to form Ignite), Mike Field – guitar. Other members to play and/or record with The Jaded during that era were Mark Hine – drums (The Dead Armadillos from Oklahoma), Doug Osterkamp (Spinning Fish) and briefly Ron Welty (Offspring). None of The Jaded recordings were ever officially released.

  8. Greg on May 12, 2015 at 09:14 am said:

    Mike Knott stopped me on my bike as I rode by his house in 79′ (I lived around the corner). He played some songs for me. Sev months later I saw The Lifesavors live at cccm. Years later we all enjoyed Idol Lovell at The Golden Bear in Huntington Beach and once in Hollywood I think. Got in a band myself – Mike borrowed our Yamaha Speakers and Microphones for a show at the Costa Mesa Community Center and they were returned with Idol L white clown make-up smeared over everything. I was so pissed. But looking back, that was the the good stuff – the precious memories of friendship. White clown make-up! Really?! Yes, i’d smear it everywhere right now if I could only find Mike Knott. Thanks for the fun music that made life Amazing !!

2 thoughts on “The Lifesavors | Us Kids

  1. Us Kids is still a favorite of mine and help steer me in the right direction.

    Wonder why, on the re-release version at the end of the song New, why someone decided to cut off the last line.

    My cassette has: ‘Cause Jesus Christ is totally real and I love Him.
    Ne version: ‘Cause Jesus Christ is totally real…

    Still Love Us Kids and Jesus.


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