Voice of Youth Music | Video Compilation

These videos have been around for a while, but the recent image (below) indicates there was actually an official promo VHS release at one time. The actual videos included and their order is unknown, but all of the possible ones are included below.

Voice of Youth Music - Video Compilation

Voice of Youth Music
Video Compilation (7inch) (1992 Blonde Vinyl Records)

01) Black & White World Love is the Law 3:25
02) Breakfast With Amy Me 3:58
03) Breakfast With Amy Ralph’s Garage (live) 2:33
04) Dance House Children Old Oak Tree 4:37
05) Dance House Children Sea Breeze 3:40
06) Deitiphobia Crucifixion of Will 3:52
07) Fluffy Guitars, Guns & Girls 4:23
08) Fluffy Life Through Death 0:59
09) Fluffy Little Finger Eye 3:23
10) L.S.Underground Bye Bye Colour (live) 7:00
11) L.S.Underground Hummingbird 3:21
12) L.S.Underground She Said 1:28
13) L.S.Underground The Bomb / Not a Cussword (live) 5:33
14) L.S.Underground Wino of the Red is Stained 4:08
15) Sass O Frass Tunic Walk on By 2:54
16) Windy Lyre Illumination 4:20

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