Sometimes there is a fine line between a sampler and a compilation. Knott has appeared many times on both formats. Samplers tend to just collect songs that were released elsewhere as an attempt to promote more sales. This page is a place to collect all of the samplers that just have a song or two from an existing Knott project, not compilations with new or rare songs. This page exists not really because these albums need to be memorialized, but because people keep emailing me saying “you forgot something!!!!”

Tooth & Nail Classics: Rock
Tooth & Nail Records 2004
09) Michael Knott – “Tattoo”
(originally released on Strip Cycle in 1995)

Coming Soon:

  • Warm Fuzzies Rock Sampler [1995 Frontline Records] 04) LSU – Freedom
  • Contemporary Adult Music For 90’s [1995 Frontline Records] 04) L.S.U. – Blame 11) Mike Knott – Shine
  • Spin This [1997 Alarma Records] 12) Mike Knott – Crash
  • HM Sampler 75 (Jan / Feb 1999)
  • HM Sampler 88 (Mar/Apr 2001)
  • The Least of These
  • Rim V. Beta
  • We The Living Vol 1
  • Same Three Chords
  • Front Row
  • Think Tank
  • Northern Records: One
  • Lightning Strikes Twice Again Volume 2
  • Gene Eugene – The Music, The Message, The Memories
  • 7Ball Gas Collection #24
  • Toast & Olive

(to be continued)