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Michael’s role on this album is not fully known. Fluffy was a punk-ish band that went a little grunge/alternative on this release before changing names to Duraluxe. Michael was credited as providing background vocals on one song. The liner notes say that a lot of the songs were written with Mike. But it doesn’t say if that means Mike Knott or another Mike that worked on the album. Since two songs were re-recorded by other Knott bands, most assume that this was referring to Mike. But the liner notes don’t point out which songs were written with Mike.

Fluffy - Go, Fluffy, Go! - cover 1 Fluffy - Go, Fluffy, Go! - cover 2 Fluffy - Go, Fluffy, Go! - cover 3

Label: Blonde Vinyl Records
Format: CD, Cassette
Released: 1992
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Jeffrey

Oxy (“yum yum”) Magillicuddy: Esophogus
Gilgamesh Magillicuddy: Rhythm Bed and Breakfast
Beans: 3 String Rickenbacher Distort-O-Bass
Chrissy: Zesty Pesto Guitar

All songs by Fluffy, a lot of them with Mike, except “Jessie’s Girl”

01) Little Finger Eye 3:09 Unknown  
02) Guitars, Guns, and Girls 4:10 Knott? Re-recorded by the Aunt Bettys (see Things I’ve Done…)
03) Not Easy Being Me 2:54 Unknown  
04) Traci 3:49 Unknown  
05) Hullaville 3:32 Unknown  
06) Amboy Bound 5:33 Unknown  
07) Kiki Wombauk 1:41 Unknown  
08) Jessi’s Girl 3:17 Rick Springfield  
09) Princess 6:30 Unknown Michael Knott – background vocals
10) Crystal 2:39 Unknown  
11) White Trash 4:33 Knott? Re-recorded by L.S.U. (see Live Long and Perspire)
12) Little Finger Eye Coda 3:29 Unknown  

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Fluffy - Go, Fluffy, Go! - cover 4 Fluffy - Go, Fluffy, Go! - tray


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