Aunt Betty’s Ford | Demo # 1

The first professional Aunt Betty’s Ford (later changed to just “The Aunt Bettys”) demo, this one a little darker than the later demos. The first three songs on here originally came from Rocket and a Bomb in some form.

Aunt Betty's Ford - Demo # 1

Label: (none)
Format: Cassette
Released: 1994
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Michael Knott
Michael Knott: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Andrew Carter: Lead Guitar, Background Vocals
Brian Doidge: Bass, Background Vocals
Chuck Cummings: Drums, Percussion
01) Rocket and a Bomb Knott Re-recorded on Aunt Bettys (See also Demo #2)
02) Kitty Knott Re-recorded on Aunt Bettys
03) The Shotgun Knott Re-worked version of “Serious” from Rocket and a Bomb
04) Kill Me Knott Released on Things I’ve Done, Things to Come

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