Deni Gauthier | Full Circle

Full Circle is a collection of Re-dos, Remixes and B-Sides. This collection includes the song “I Need You” from i (am) hope, of which Gauthier had this to say: “I’m a long time Knott fan, full time Canadian musician… I popped his lyrics from “This Is The Healing” in the bridge of a song on my latest album release, with Knott’s blessing. It fit perfectly. Thought you might like to hear it!”For the remix on this album, Gauthier had this to say: “Always a fan favourite from i (am) hope. I still play it live to this day and I knew I could do a much better job of recording of it. I resurrected all of Mr Twinkles’ beautiful piano parts and played and sang around them to the benefit of the song, I think. The bridge is a line I stole from Mike Knott’s “This Is The Healing” and used with his permission. “This is the healing, wipe the tears from all your bitter years…” It still gets me choked up.”

Deni Gauthier - Full Circle - cover 1 Deni Gauthier - Full Circle - cover 2

Label: (none)
Format: CD
Released: 2017
Genre: Alternative Rock
Deni Gauthier: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Percussion
Steve Koning: Keyboard Magic
Luke Roes: Lead Guitar on “Why You Run Away”
David Faris: Lead Guitar on “Not Too Far From Here”
01) Why You Run Away 2:34 Gauthier
02) i (am) hope – Dre Remix 3:59 Gauthier
03) Not Too Far From Here 3:56 Gauthier
04) I Need You 3:01 Gauthier
05) Do It For Love 3:00 Gauthier
06) Not There Yet 3:11 Gauthier
07) Ours To Choose 3:17 Gauthier
08) Why Don’t You Call Home – Vibey Edition 2:52 Gauthier
09) Times Were Tough 3:36 Gauthier
10) Between Me And You 2:11 Gauthier


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