Deni Gauthier | i (am) hope

Deni Gauthier had this to say about the track highlighted below on this album. “I’m a long time Knott fan, full time Canadian musician… I popped his lyrics from “This Is The Healing” in the bridge of a song on my latest album release, with Knott’s blessing. It fit perfectly. Thought you might like to hear it!”The original version of this album is no longer available, but there is a deluxe edition version of this album with bonus tracks. Some of these songs, including “I Need You,” were remixed or re-recorded on Full Circle.

Deni Gauthier - i (am) hope - cover

Label: (none)
Format: CD
Released: 2012
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Deni Gauthier
Deni Gauthier: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Percussion
Steve Koning: Keys, Wurlitzer, B3 and Awesome
Nathan Smith: Drums
David Faris: Electric Guitars, Lead Guitars
Josh Brix: Electric Guitars, Lead Guitars on “I know You Know” & “You’re Beautiful”
01) Do It For Love 3:39 Gauthier
02) i (am) hope 3:54 Gauthier
03) I Know You Know 3:37 Gauthier
04) I Need You 3:40 Gauthier
05) Not Too Far From Here 4:02 Gauthier
06) Should Have Tried 4:11 Gauthier
07) You And I 03:20 Gauthier
08) God’s Green Earth 2:56 Gauthier
09) You’re beautiful 3:39 Gauthier
10) This Too Shall Pass 3:33 Gauthier
Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
11) Do It For Love (Acoustic Studio Mix) 3:37 Gauthier
12) i (am) hope (Acoustic Demo) 4:00 Gauthier
13) The Way The Wind Blows 4:07 Gauthier
14) When I Was Twelve 3:17 Gauthier
15) I Know You Know (High Horse Acoustic Demo) 3:17 Gauthier
16) Not Too Far From Here (Acoustic Studio Mix) 3:59 Gauthier
17) i (am) hope REMIX with Dre 4:11 Gauthier
18) I Need You Acoustic REMIX 3:40 Gauthier


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