Leper | An Audience of No One

Industrial / Goth band Leper released this album as a free download on their blog. “This record is 13 trax by various artists that have inspired the existence of Leper.”

It was later released on the band’s BandCamp page with the additional note: “Without them there would be no leper. And of coarse there are so many others that could have been done but most of them I could not have done justice to, perhaps, some day, that will just have to be a vol.2. This recording is meant to sound home-made and is my way of saying thanx.”

Leper - An Audience of No One - cover

Label: (none)
Format: Digital Files
Released: 2012
Genre: Gothic / Industrial
Producer: Skot Shaw
Recorded by: Skot Shaw
Cover Art Photo: Otto Jenson
Skot Shaw: Vocals, All Instruments
01) Wakin’ up the Dead 4:47 L.S.U. Originally on Wakin’ up the Dead
02) You Still Smile 7:37 Deliverance  
03) The Road to Zion 6:59 Petra  
04) Friend or Foul 8:22 Rez Band  
05) Do You Think of Me 4:48 D.A.S.  
06) Bride in Black 7:44 Rackets and Drapes  
07) Seven 8:01 Bloodgood  
08) Red Society 4:46 Deitiphobia  
09) Sentimental Song 5:12 The Choir  
10) Crush Kill Destroy 6:39 Leper  
11) Mr. Brain 2:47 SFC  
12) Pilgrim 6:41 Jerusalem  


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