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With World Tour, Michael Knott announced that he was changing the name of L.S.U. to ‘Cash in Chaos’ (henced the mixed band name for this release). That name change didn’t stick. World Tour is another classic L.S.U. disc, heavily influenced by Echo & The Bunnymen. Dark, swirling, heavy, and moody sounds abound on every song.

According to Knott, “Radio Satan” was written because “basically I was so upset at this Christian radio programmer, and I will never name his name, but he was so against me that I wrote that song about him. Here he was, he was a Christian with a Christian radio show and occasionally he would throw in some alternative rock… his wife really liked my stuff, but he hated my stuff. So, I turned him in to Judas in the song and that’s where ‘the kiss’ leads to murder, and in kissing Christ, Christ becomes the martyr, and, I called this guy Radio Satan. Straight up, straight forward, that is what that song is about. I had some angst, I was a little upset and it made for a decent song that really had a home-run chorus. It’s weird to say ‘Satan’ and put it in a nice chorus you know, it wasn’t giving points to Satan though. It was tearing this guy down, and I was being human, I was being a little judgmental… I never said his name though, and I also knew that people would take it in their own way and it would mean something different to them too, in a cool way, and maybe in an even better way.”

LSU Cash in Chaos - World Tour (CD cover 1) LSU Cash in Chaos - World Tour (CD cover 2) LSU Cash in Chaos - World Tour (CD cover 3) LSU Cash in Chaos - World Tour (CD cover 4)

Label: Siren Music
Format: CD
Released: 1993
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Michael Knott
Michael Knott: Vocals, Cover Art
Brian Doidge: Guitars
Erick Coomes: Bass
Ed Benrock: Drums
01) The Shell 3:46 Knott  
02) Benny 2:44 Knott, Coomes  
03) Pound of Flesh 6:30 Knott  
04) Confusion 3:15 Knott  
05) Red Swine 5:14 Knott, Doidge  
06) Radio Satan 6:04 Knott  
07) Yellow Sun 1:49 Knott, Doidge  
08) There’s a Time 5:12 Knott  
09) Spice of Life 2:58 Knott  
10) Everything 5:03 Doidge Re-recorded on Strip Cycle

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LSU Cash in Chaos - World Tour (tray insert)


Older comments on “LSU Cash in Chaos – World Tour”

  1. icon_red on September 12, 2009 at 04:59 pm said:

    My favorite LSU…

  2. Jason on January 12, 2010 at 12:29 pm said:

    I agree. Loved Brian’s guitar tone on this one. Really raw.

  3. Duane on November 12, 2011 at 01:16 pm said:

    World Tour was my introduction to LSU and Michael Knott, and, with The Choir’s Speckled Bird, radically changed my musical tastes. I just got this from the L.S. Underground Bandcamp site (since the original CD I had is worn out) and have been listening to it regularly.

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