L.S.U. | Grace Shaker

This album was a transition time for Michael Knott and LSU. Michael was starting to focus on the Aunt Bettys at this time. In fact, LSU pretty much was the Aunt Bettys on this release with a different drummer. A great album with some less heavier moments than past LSU albums, but also some songs that are generally heavier, also.

L.S.U. - Grace Shaker (CD cover 1) L.S.U. - Grace Shaker (CD cover 2) L.S.U. - Grace Shaker (CD cover 3) L.S.U. - Grace Shaker (tray)

Label: Alarma Records
Format: CD, Cassette
Released: 1994
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Michael Knott
Michael Knott: Vocals, Acoustics, Engineer, Cello Arrangements
Andrew Carter: Lead and Rhythm Electrics
Brian Doidge: Bass
Jeremy Wood: Drums
Steve Hindalong: Cat food tin and plastic receptacle on “Double”
Wayne: Pasta pot on “Double”
Steve’s good friend: Drums/percussion on “Blame,” “Christ Saves,” and “Grace”
Rick Rekedal: Cello
01) Double 3:01 Knott Re-recorded by the Aunt Bettys, see the Aunt Bettys
02) Kill Will 4:21 Knott, Carter  
03) Blame 4:28 Knott  
04) Thinkin’ 4:52 Knott  
05) Bad Disease 3:18 Doidge, Knott  
06) Grace 5:24 Knott, Rekedal  
07) Shaker 3:13 Carter  
08) Gift Taker 3:57 Doidge, Knott  
09) Freedom 2:25 Doidge, Knott  
10) Christ Saves 3:16 Knott, Rekedal  

Older comments on “L.S.U. – Grace Shaker”

  1. sroelit on January 30, 2011 at 08:49 pm said:

    Love this album.

  2. Bill Moore on June 27, 2011 at 08:52 am said:

    This album is Amazing! one of my favs and I think one of his best. Raw, real. Double is one of the most amazing songs ever. I’ll take the Blame…Deep. Kill Will. I still pray this daily.

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