Physical Copies of “All Indie EP II” are Available, Along with a Golden Ticket Contest

“So, with the release of this longtime coming ep, we wanted to do something special to help celebrate the launch and make it a little more fun. Since the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is one of our favorite movies, we thought, why not incorporate the “Golden Ticket” into the release of the All Indie Ep II?! With that said, the first 250 physical CDs are signed and numbered. We have randomly selected 3 of these signed and numbered CDs and placed an Indie Golden Indie Ticket inside.

The Indie Golden Ticket

So, what do you get? Each winner who gets an Indie Golden Ticket will get a song sung to them live over the phone by Michael from his catalog over the years. You’ll also get a video of him singing the song sent to you after the fact.

The Winners

So, what do you need to do if you got the Indie Golden Ticket? Take a picture of the ticket and the numbered CD and send it to get email below. Also, select 3 songs that Michael has written/released from vast repertoire and submit those 3 songs when you send the email with the pictures. Michael will select from the 3 provided which one he wants to perform live over the phone to you. Good Luck and we sincerely hope you enjoy the music!

The Physical CD

To purchase a physical signed and numbered CD you can do so by PayPal by going to our Bandcamp page through the link below. Each person who purchases a physical CD also gets a digital copy of the record. Thank you for your support and for listening!

Michael & Rick

It’s also available digitally through the bigs streaming services.”