Starflyer 59 | Easy Come, Easy Go

This album is a two CD set of greatest hits, b-sides, and live songs by Starflyer 59. Two songs on here, “Elijah the Prophet” and “Everyone But Me”, are listed as demos that were intended for the Americana album. These demos were produced by Mike Knott. More demos were also produced by Knott for SF59 at this time. “Elijah the Prophet” was also included on The Fashion Focus 7-inch vinyl bonus disc.

album cover

Starflyer 59
Easy Come, Easy Go (2000 Tooth & Nail Records)
Produced by Blood, Jason Martin, Gene Eugene, Mike Knott, Wayne Everett

Jason Martin – Vocals, guitar, drums, moog
Andrew Larson – Bass
Campuzano – Bass
Wayne Everett – Drums, vocals
Gene Eugene – Orgam, vibes, ARP string ensemble, piano, keyboards
Jeff Cloud – Bass

Disc 1:
01) Blue Collar Love Martin  
02) Monterey Martin  
03) Hazelwould Martin  
04) A Housewife Love Song Martin  
05) Duel Overhead Cam Martin  
06) You’re Mean Martin  
07) The Voyager Martin  
08) The Hearttaker Martin  
09) Harmony Martin  
10) I Drive A Lot Martin  
11) We’re the Ordinary Martin  
12) Fell in Love at 22 Martin  
13) Play the C Chord Martin  
14) No New Kinda Story Martin  
15) 20 Dollar Bills Martin  
Disc 2:
01) I Was 17 Martin  
02) All Done Wrong Martin  
03) Elijah The Prophet Martin Produced by Mike Knott
04) When No One Calls (It Will Be Alright) Martin  
05) Next Time Around Martin  
06) Goodbyes Are Sad Martin  
07) She Was My Sweetheart Martin  
08) Everyone But Me Martin Produced by Mike Knott
09) Whereever You Go Martin  
10) Shedding The Mortal Coil Taylor, Cook, Chamberlain  
11) Samson Martin  
12) Prepare To Detour Martin  
13) I Drive a Lot (live) Martin  
14) Traffic Jam (live) Martin  
15) Play the C Chord (live) Martin  
16) Help Me When You’re Gone (live) Martin  
17) Card Games With Old Friends (live) Martin  
18) Shut Your Mouth (live) Martin  
19) No New Kinda Story (live) Martin  
20) When You Feel The Mess (live) Martin  

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