The Lifesavors | You and Me 7-inch

This release is virtually impossible to find. This was released after Mike Knott took over The Lifesavors. These are the first known officially released recorded songs to feature Michael Knott on lead vocals and as songwriter. Mike Annis was latter known as Mike Stand, solo artist and leader of The Altar Boys.

Lifesavers - You and Me cover Lifesavers - You and Me back Lifesavers - You and Me vinyl side 1 Lifesavers - You and Me vinyl side 2

Label: Swing Records & Tapes
Format: Vinyl
Released: 1982
Genre: Power Pop / Punk Rock
Producer: Thom Roy
Engineer: Thom Roy
Recorded at: White Field Studio
Michael Knott: Guitar, lead vocals
Chris Wimber: Bass, rhythm guitar, vocals
Kevin Annis: Drums, percussion, vocals
Mike Annis: Lead guitar
Joe Moyneur: Photographs
The Gang: Snaps & BGV
01) You and Me Wimber / Knott 2:22  
02) The One Knott 1:50 re-recorded version is on Dream Life

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Older comments on “The Lifesavors | You And Me 7-inch”

  1. Josh Hagquist on March 22, 2011 at 06:23pm said:

    I picked this up at a used record store in Riverside, Ca. for .10 cents. Couldn’t believe what it was…and I had been a Knott/LSU fan for years! Curious how many are out there.

  2. Joe Moyneur on March 22, 2011 at 06:23pm said:

    Mike give me a call some time. You know… Joe the guy that rattle can you square back camouflage style

  3. Joe Moyneur on March 22, 2011 at 06:23pm said:

    Oh Yeah, I was also the photographer for The Lifesavors

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