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This release was some kind of random split CD that also had extra songs by other artists. Phantasmic and Fluffy both have five songs each, and then team up to form Xtra-Fluffy for a few songs. They covered one Fluffy song that was written by Michael. Then there was a Joe Christmas song at the end. Also, one of the Phantasmic songs featured most of the members of Sixpence None the Richer (at the time it was recorded).

Fluffy vs. Phantasmic - Cover 1 Fluffy vs. Phantasmic - Cover 2 Fluffy vs. Phantasmic - Cover 3 Fluffy vs. Phantasmic - Cover 4

Fluffy vs. Phantasmic - Cover 5 Fluffy vs. Phantasmic - Cover 6 Fluffy vs. Phantasmic - Cover 7 Fluffy vs. Phantasmic - Cover 8

Label: Flying Tart Records
Format: CD
Released: 1996
Genre: Indie Rock
Nathan Pellegrin: Sings
Christopher Colbert: Guitar
Jeff Beans: Bass
Paul Pellegrin: Drums
Tess Wiley: Guitars, Vocals
Jeremy Gomez: Bass
Gabriel Wiley: Drums
Matt Slocum: Acoustic Guitar on “Rainy Day Assembly”
J.J. Plasencio: Bass on “Rainy Day Assembly”
Dale Baker: Drums on “Rainy Day Assembly”
xTra Fluffy:  
Cap’N Jasper: Singin’ an’ Stringin’
Chris Colbert: Some Stuff, You Know…
Tess Wiley: The Real Talent
Rhythm Ace: Rhythm Ace
Joe Christmas:  
Zachary Gresham: Vocals, Guitar
Russell Holbrook: Guitar
Ryan Weaver: Bass
Phillip Brown: Drums
01) Skinny Little Line Wiley  
02) Out Of My Head Wiley  
03) Rainy Day Assembly Wiley  
04) Happy Now Wiley  
05) Eyes Without A Face Billy Idol, Steve Stevens  
06) Shrimpy Brine Beans, Pellegrin, Pellegrin, Colbert  
07) Bleach Beans, Pellegrin, Pellegrin, Colbert  
08) Dead Horse Grin Beans, Pellegrin, Pellegrin, Colbert  
09) Wandering Wonderful Beans, Pellegrin, Pellegrin, Colbert  
10) Sugar Pistol Beans, Pellegrin, Pellegrin, Colbert  
X-tra Fluffy:
11) Dura-lux Jasper, Wiley, Colbert  
12) Counter Memory Alex Parker, Jasper, Wiley, Colbert  
13) Guitars, Guns & Girls Knott?, Beans, N. Pellegrin, Colbert Originally on Fluffy – Go, Fluffy, Go
14) Mary Knoll Jasper, Wiley, Colbert  
Joe Christmas:
15) Baby Shoes Joe Christmas  

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Fluffy vs. Phantasmic - Tray 1 Fluffy vs. Phantasmic - Tray 2

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