Just a Reminder: This is a Fan Site

Thanks to everyone for their support and for spreading the word about this site. Mike Knott fans are a dedicated bunch. Feel free to quote whatever I put up here – I try not to put up anything that I don’t have permission to post, or something that is just hearsay or rumors. But if you do quote me – make sure you don’t call me the “official” Michael Knott site. I see that occasionally on eBay auctions, the occasional blog, some other random places, etc. Just make sure you are calling me the knottheads fan site. Or, if you are quoting someone that I quote in the news, feel free to leave me out and just say “So and so said…” But this is not the official Michael Knott site. See michaelknott.com or one of the many official Knott-related MySpace pages in the link section.