Am I Winnin’ Something?

I probably sound like a broken record always talking about the website being down and needing to be fixed. To be honest, it is going to be a long time before I can get everything fixed that is wrong here. I was able to find a fix for the comment problem, and started working on the Blonde Vinyl section…. and that took forever. The part of the main website that needs to be fixed is much, much larger. So, I decided to put a stop gap in place while I keep fixing. The comments may not work on the older pages on the main site, but at least I should be able to keep the spam out with the new Captcha. You can see the direction it will all go in the future by looking at the Blonde Vinyl section.

It’s been weird hearing the occasional bit of gossip about why this website was “gone” (never gone, just down for repairs) from people that don’t even know me. I think it is important to reiterate that this is just a fan website, with no official connection to Michael Knott or anybody connected with him. I don’t know Knott or anybody around him, and have never even met any of them. I can’t speak for him, get messages to him, or tell you inside information about him. Heck, what few people even remotely connected to Knott I did have some connection with have pretty much cut all ties with me for, well, I never really could find out why. Could be no reason. People just ghost some times.

Most of the small number of people that follow this website have been very cool about my need to take it offline and regroup. But there has been some negative push back. Enough of it for me to say this: I don’t owe it to anybody to keep this website up. It is just a hobby, and if it goes down it is basically because I have a life like everyone else and I have to pay the bills as well. This website makes me no money. It actually costs me some money and too much time. Only two people in the whole world have spoken to me personally about the website being down, and neither of them would have anything negative to say about me. So if you do hear someone saying something negative about me, they are gossiping at best, lying at worst. I would encourage you not to participate in what they have to say. Again, this is my website that I do on my own time, and I have every right to take it down or put it up based on my needs, and no one else has any right to get mad at me for that. If they do, that is their issue that they need help with.

Oh, and I guess I should point out none of this pertains to Michael Knott himself. He has been laying low for a while as well, so I don’t even know if he is aware this website was even down or not. Like I said, my somewhat loose connections with him have disappeared. Hopefully not for good, but out of my control. I just get emails occasionally saying “did you know so-and-so is pissed the Knottheads site is down?” and my reaction is: “Why? Why are they wasting emotional energy on things they can’t control?”

But, hey, the website is back up now, and those that claimed it would never be back up because I was getting back at somebody for something… well…

I know – hard to believe all this drama over a simple website.

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  1. Just wanted to say that I appreciate your efforts on this website… Take your time restoring and no pressure. Thank you,

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