New Knott Stuff for the New Year

Welcome to 2021 everyone! Seems its the same junk as 2020, only more. There aren’t any huge updates on the Knott front. I’m not sure what happened to the releases like All Indie EP II and Strip Cycle II that seemed to be close to being released a few years ago, but it seems the only one still moving forward is the Grape Prophet vinyl re-issue (still happening and coming soon). But things are probably happening behind the scenes with several projects, just hard to make announcements due to COVID I am sure.

In case you missed it, there was a podcast that squeaked in the last day of 2020 about Knott’s Rocket and a Bomb album. See the Your Music Saved Me Podcast page to listen if you are into podcasts.

This website continues it’s 10 year+ redesign, with a updated Discography and Gigography pages. The new tools lets you search and sort the tables themselves. Thanks to TablePress for creating such a cool plug-in. I also know several of the album pages are messed up – I am making my way through the 200+ pages to fix those, as well as scan and add more album artwork. On the updated pages, you can click the image to get a slightly larger view.