Beware of Questionable Michael Knott Merchandise

While most of the record companies out there are doing the work to make sure they have officially licensed Knott material to sell, please be aware that there are some people that are not selling licensed product or are putting questionable collectibles up for sale on eBay.

As far as anyone can tell, any Michael Knott-related merchandise (t-shirts, tote bags, banners, shoes, you name it) on Red Bubble are NOT officially licensed and should be avoided. I won’t link because some of them are just… weird. But from what I know, the shirts at Christian Band Shirts are officially licensed through Frontline Records. Please correct me if I am wrong on any of this.

Additionally, there are some items for sale on eBay that are questionable. Again, I won’t link to them, but if you see a Bomb Bay Babies CDr for $195 or more, be cautious. Most of the songs on this CDr were released already, and the songs that weren’t released are mostly Knott joking around in studio recording Screaming Brittle Siren. The CDr booklet itself is actually not signed, but is a scan of a signed Bomb Bay Babies promo 8×10. The person that created this bootleg back in the day did not authorize it’s sale, and he is working to get the unreleased material released for a decent price in a way that will benefit Knott’s family.

The same seller also has a burned DVD of an L.S.U. concert from Ohio in 1993 for $101 or more (for some reason, the cover of the bootleg actually has The Aunt Bettys from 1995 and then several pictures of The Lifesavors / Lifesavers from the early 80s). This is a burned copy of a camcorder recording that was not authorized for sale by the person that recorded it. The person that did record it is working on getting it uploaded to YouTube so that everyone can see it.

Finally, there is a Michael Knott Bunge Boy sculpture for sale for $849 or more. This is probably real. As much as we would all like to see Knott’s artwork go up in value, several screenshots have been provided of communication with the seller indicating that the high prices of these items will not benefit the Knott family, and that the seller is intentionally raising prices to take advantage of Knott fans. People can sell and buy things for whatever price they want to, so none of this should be taken as anyone saying you shouldn’t buy anything. This is just a “buyers beware” informational post.