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The second Brow Beats album. This one is electric, where as the first one was unplugged acoustic. Also, Michael wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on here. Some of these are re-recorded Aunt Bettys tunes, some are original to this release. “Stoner Girl” was an unfinished Aunt Bettys track – Knott used older studio tracks and added new lyrics.

Browbeats - Wither Wing - Cover 1 Browbeats - Wither Wing - Cover 2 Browbeats - Wither Wing - Cover 3 Browbeats - Wither Wing - Cover 4

Label: Alarma Records
Format: CD
Released: 1998
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Michael Knott and Gene Eugene
Michael Knott: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Acoustics, Mixer, Paintings
Andrew Carter: Guitar, Bass
Andy Prickett: Guitar
Wayne Everett: Bass, Percussion
Eric Campuzano: Bass
Ed Benrock: Drums, Bass, Percussion
Chuck Cummings: Drums
Gene Eugene: Keyboards
01) Stonergirl Knott, Tedd Cookerley featuring Tedd Cookerley of EDL  
02) Getting Normal Knott featuring Scott Silletta of Plank Eye 1
03) Out of Time Knott featuring Gene Eugene of Adam Again  
04) Ricki Racer Knott featuring Michael Knott 1
05) Ricki Racer II Remix Knott    
06) Happy Old Man Knott, Terry Taylor featuring Terry Taylor of Daniel Amos  
07) Allison Knott featuring Terry Taylor of Daniel Amos 1
08) Just Wanna Be You Knott featuring Jason Martin of Starflyer 59  
09) Herb’s Garage Knott featuring Michael Knott & a guy named Herb  
10) Tattoo (rock version) Knott featuring Michael Knott 2
11) Wither Wing Knott featuring Wayne Everett of The Prayer Chain  

1 Original version is on Ford Supersonic
2 Original version is on Strip Cycle

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Browbeats - Wither Wing - Tray Browbeats - Wither Wing - Tray

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