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The second Brow Beats album. This one is electric, where as the first one was unplugged acoustic. Also, Michael wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on here. Some of these are re-recorded Aunt Bettys tunes, some are original to this release. “Stoner Girl” was an unfinished Aunt Bettys track – Knott used older studio tracks and added new lyrics. KMG released “Stoner Girl” to the college market and it got some play due to bands like Sugar Ray and Sublime being popular at the time. Some people even asked if it was a new band project.

Browbeats - Wither Wing - Cover 1 Browbeats - Wither Wing - Cover 2 Browbeats - Wither Wing - Cover 3 Browbeats - Wither Wing - Cover 4

Label: Alarma Records
Format: CD
Released: 1998
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Michael Knott and Gene Eugene
Michael Knott: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Acoustics, Mixer, Paintings
Andrew Carter: Guitar, Bass
Andy Prickett: Guitar
Wayne Everett: Bass, Percussion
Eric Campuzano: Bass
Ed Benrock: Drums, Bass, Percussion
Chuck Cummings: Drums
Gene Eugene: Keyboards
01) Stonergirl Knott, Tedd Cookerley featuring Tedd Cookerley of EDL  
02) Getting Normal Knott featuring Scott Silletta of Plank Eye 1
03) Out of Time Knott featuring Gene Eugene of Adam Again  
04) Ricki Racer Knott featuring Michael Knott 1
05) Ricki Racer II Remix Knott    
06) Happy Old Man Knott, Terry Taylor featuring Terry Taylor of Daniel Amos  
07) Allison Knott featuring Terry Taylor of Daniel Amos 1
08) Just Wanna Be You Knott featuring Jason Martin of Starflyer 59  
09) Herb’s Garage Knott featuring Michael Knott & a guy named Herb  
10) Tattoo (rock version) Knott featuring Michael Knott 2
11) Wither Wing Knott featuring Wayne Everett of The Prayer Chain  

1 Original version is on Ford Supersonic
2 Original version is on Strip Cycle

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Browbeats - Wither Wing - Tray Browbeats - Wither Wing - Tray

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