Cricket | Joe Christmas Playing on the Stereo

Cricket was an early name for The Huntingtons. This demo has a cover of Lifesavers’ “Jet Plane.” This track first appeared on their self-titled demo, and later appears on a compilation demo called Brown Cow.

In 2020, The Huntingtons announced they were remastering and re-issuing all of their demos as Cricket in a six volume set called the Foundations Series on their BandCamp page.

Cricket - Joe Christmas Playing on the Stereo - tape Cricket - Joe Christmas Playing on the Stereo - reissue

Label: (none)
Format: Cassette
Released: 1995
Genre: Punk Rock
Producers: Cliff Powell and Mike Holt
Re-Issue: Digital, 2020, BandCamp
Cliff Powell: Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Mike Holt: Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Marty Schneider: Bass
Mike Pierce: Drums
01) Girlie Song #5000 (Here and There) 1:41  
02) Dad 2:16  
03) Call It Luck 2:01  
04) When I Say Goodbye 3:38  
05) Minds 1:30  
06) Kite 1:09  
07) Home 2:57  
08) Not My Friends 1:56  
09) Colour 1:41  
10) Wrapped Around You 1:32  
11) If They Said 2:10  
12) Miserable Sometimes 3:16  
13) Jet Plane 3:09 Lifesavers cover
14) Homer (Blood) 1:47  
The 2020 BandCamp re-issue includes these bonus songs:
15) Makes Me Wanna Sing Reason for the Season 2:46  
16) Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight) 1:53  


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