Cricket | Brown Cow

Cricket was an early name for The Huntingtons. One demo of theirs called Joe Christmas Playin’ on the Stereo had a cover of Lifesavers’ “Jet Plane.” Another demo called One Side Has Covers, The Other Side Doesn’t had a mash-up of “In the Ghetto” / “Suspicious Minds” / “Skinny Skins” called “Ghetto Minds Make Skinny Skins.” It was kind of like the lyrics to “In the Ghetto” mixed with the music of “Skinny Skins,” then added to the chorus of “Suspicious Eyes,” ending with a few snippets of “Skinny Skins” lyrics. This demo seemed to be a compilation of several demos, including both Knott covers.

In 2020, The Huntingtons announced they were remastering and re-issuing all of their demos as Cricket in a six volume set called the Foundations Series on their BandCamp page.

Cricket - Brown Cow - tape Cricket - Brown Cow - reissue

Label: (none)
Format: Cassette
Released: 1995
Genre: Punk Rock
Producers: Cliff Powell and Mike Holt
Re-Issue: Digital, 2021, BandCamp
Cliff Powell: Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Mike Holt: Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Marty Schneider: Bass
Mike Pierce: Drums
Luke Kenenske: Add’l Vocals on “We Got the Beat” & “Ghetto Minds Make Skinny Skins”
Chris Colbert: Lead Guitar on “Summer of ’69”
01) Girlie Song #5000 (Here & There) 1:41  
02) At All 1:39  
03) Wrapped Around You 1:40  
04) Not My Friends 1:33  
05) Colour 1:36  
06) If They Said 2:11  
07) Kite 1:10  
08) Home 2:29  
09) Minds 1:28  
10) Dad 2:37  
11) Call It Luck 2:02  
12) Stop Cryin’ 1:37  
13) Jet Plane 3:13 Lifesavers cover
14) Deep End 1:26  
15) Hideaway 2:25  
16) Miserable Sometimes 3:43  
17) Homer (Blood) 1:57  
18) Mike’s Sonic Proof 4:46  
The 2021 BandCamp re-issue includes these bonus songs:
19) Summer of ’69 2:04 Bryan Adams cover
20) Coupleskate 4:14 Joe Christmas cover
21) Makes Me Wanna Sing Reason for the Season 2:51 Stryper cover
22) We Got the Beat 2:24 The Go-Go’s cover
23) Ghetto Minds Make Skinny Skins 2:35 Elvis / Michael Knott cover
24) Merry Christmas, I Don’t Wanna Fight 1:43 Ramones cover
25) Hummer (About You) 2:03  


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