Five O’Clock People | Blame Taker

This is the first album that the Five O’ Clock people have covered “Blame.” They also cover it later on The Nothing Venture.

Five O'Clock People - Blame Taker - cover 1 Five O'Clock People - Blame Taker - cover 2 Five O'Clock People - Blame Taker - cover 3

Label: (none)
Format: CD
Released: 1997
Genre: Folk Rock
Producers: Craig Smith and Five O’Clock People
Patrick Tetreault: Guitar, Mandolin, Violin, Vocals
Brent Todd: Acoustic Bass, Visual Timekeeping
Alex Walker: Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Jonathan Weller: Flute, Clavinette, Shaker, Vocals
01) Frank Weller, Walker, Tetreault  
02) Same Old Line Walker  
03) Goodenough Weller, Tetreault  
04) Puzzle Walker  
05) Blame Knott Originally on L.S.U. – Grace Shaker
06) Trust Merchant Weller, Walker  

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