Michael Knott | Industry Demo (Rondor)

This was Michael’s industry demo that he shopped around to labels around the time that the Aunt Bettys were dropped by their label (not sure which happened first). This is a bit mellower than most Aunt Bettys songs, but still showcases Michael’s excellent songwriting abilities.

Michael Knott - Industry Demo (Rondor) - Cover Michael Knott - Industry Demo (Rondor) - Tape

Label: (none)
Format: Cassette
Released: 1997
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Michael Knott
Michael Knott: Vocals, songwriter, ?
01) Miss Understanding Knott Released on The Definitive Collection
02) Good-byes Knott Released on The Definitive Collection
03) Hell No Knott Re-recorded as “Halo” on The Life of David
04) Movie Star Knott Re-recorded by the Aunt Bettys on Ford Supersonic

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