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Michael Knott (and those that work with him) are always talking about upcoming projects. This page is an attempt to capture those projects that will most likely get released at some point in the future. Please see the unreleased page for past projects that were announced or discussed, but that never saw the light of day. All details below are subject to change based on what is released.

Michael Knott Vinyl Releases

(All upcoming releases except for the Screaming Brittle Siren reissue are on hold until updates are shared.)

Various record labels have indicated the desire to release many Knott classics, including Rocket and a Bomb, Screaming Brittle Siren, and Shaded Pain. Some, if not all, of these may soon see the light of day.

Michael Knott – Pennies for Stormie Lane

(All upcoming releases are on hold until updates are shared.)

This is set to be Mike’s first piano-based album. The original plan was that Mike would record piano and vocal for an album’s worth of material dedicated to his daughter, and that the production would be completed at Jeff Elbel’s studio with other musicians. After a long hiatus, work has commenced on this album and we will probably see it released soon-ish.

Michael Knott – Even Star

(All upcoming releases are on hold until updates are shared.)

Even Star is an upcoming solo project by Michael Knott. One song from the project has been released as a demo. According to Down the Line magazine:”Even Star will hopefully come out sometime before Christmas.” Michael explains it, “This record is a trip, it’s not super heavy, it’s kind of light as far as the mix and the tones. There are some really cool songs on it.” This album was inspired by Liv Tyler’s character in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and as Michael relates, “It’s not like I’m really in to that kind of stuff, but I was in to her character, so I decided to do a whole record about it. It’s real interesting because it starts to change in to this spiritual thing as well, one where God is involved. It’s a whole different angle, but it’s a trippy record.”

Michael Knott: Vocals, Guitars
Brian Doidge: Bass

Possible songs titles so far:


Struck Last May – 2nd album

(All upcoming releases are on hold until updates are shared.)

A MySpace bulletin announced that a second Struck Last May album is in the works, and should be out by early 2009. It has since been delayed. “Struck Last May is a two-person experimental conceptually based project laid upon the foundation of guitars and samples, directed by the orchestration of emotion.” (from the Struck Last May MySpace page)

Michael Knott: Vocals, Guitars, Production/Arranging, All Around Madness
Rick McDonough: Guitars, Samples, Vocals, Engineer/Senior Scientist

Michael Knott – DVD Collection

(All upcoming releases are on hold until updates are shared.)

Eden Z Films reported at one time that there may be a release of unreleased Mike Knott related videos on DVD. This collection could possibly include:

  • Highlights of Mike and Gene performing in the Northwest from ’99
  • New footage of Mike recording, painting, interviews shot during the sessions in Vancouver with the members from Careen backing him up.
  • A Super 8 Film music video around Portland of “Boxcar”

Older comment on “Michael Knott – DVD Collection”

  1. Jeff Brett on June 18, 2009 at 06:41 pm said:

    It’s about bloody time!!!!! I’ve got tons of music dvd’s except for Mike Knott! This whole media may pass him by if he doesn’t get properly represented by it soon!!!

Michael Knott – Schizophernia DVD Re-issue

(All upcoming releases are on hold until updates are shared.)

Eden Z Films reported at one time that there may be a re-release of the Schizophrenia video on DVD with some bonus stuff.

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