More LSU Information and Suprise

Joshua Lory, bass player for L.S.U., had this to say about the new L.S.U. album, as well as another possible album in the works: “We almost finished vocals last week, Mike will have this thing done within the next couple of weeks. Should be out by October at the latest. The subject matter is very heavy to say the least. This album is about Veterans of war and the heavy burdens they face on a day to day basis. We as civilians really can’t grasp the things these men and women have seen, real life horror that can not be forgot. It is hoped that this record will bring a sense of hope, comfort, and redemption to these brave soldiers, let them know that God is with them, loving them unconditionally, and that they are forgiven for the things they feel guilty about, and that Christ does not judge them for the beyond brave things they have done for our country. Other songs are about the helplessness the vets family members are feeling for their loved ones. Knott has poured his heart and soul into this album, he did his homework on the subject at hand. On a lighter note, a new Lifesavers record is in the works. I’ve been demoing off songs and sending them to Michael. Heavy Beach Boys and Ramones influence on this one. Will be a total fun in the sun record and after doing this L.S.Underground album, it will be sort of a release. No solid info as to when it will come out. Peace and Blessings, Joshua”