L.S. Underground – PTSD (Re-Master) Out Now

L.S. Underground’s PTSD (Legacy Edition) is out now on Retroactive Records and available at Amazon! Re-Mastered by J.Powell Steinhaus Mastering with new packaging. L.S.Underground includes Joshua Lory (Lifesavers), Brian Doidge, Jim Chaffin (the Crucified, the Blamed), and Casey Prestwood (Hot Rod Circuit). It has been in Knott’s heart to create an album that would bring awareness to the overwhelming difficulties that U.S. and allied troops encounter upon returning from combat, especially Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. 10% percentage of the sales of this crucial release will go PTSD awareness. Packaged in a four panel digipak, this 2012 Retroactive Records release has been digitally mastered by J Powell of Steinhaus for maximum sound capacity. For fans of the heavy, dark, aggressive rock bands like Tool, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Jane’s Addiction, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, and Public Image Ltd.


2 thoughts on “L.S. Underground – PTSD (Re-Master) Out Now

  1. Usually when indie albums like PTSD get picked up by a larger label, they get re-mastered or mixed in some way. There are many indie releases that get picked up for national distribution within two-three years of release. So this seems pretty typical to me. Personally, I would have liked something added to it – especially some bonus songs. But it has been a while since a new release by Knott has gotten national release on a label, so that is good. And the re-master really does sound a whole lot better.

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