Discography page finally finished!

I know I said that I wasn’t going to put site updates in this area, but this is a big update: the discography page has been finished! Everything in there now has a page. I have also designed it so that you can see the whole discography, or choose any one of several categories to filter by. I just need to finish the updates for the Blonde Vinyl Tribute area and the archives on this site will be finished. Hopefully, I will also have some interesting updates soon about new collaborations with other websites or new areas for this site.

Discography link: https://www.knottheads.com/disc.php

Site Updates Section Added

In order to separate the true Knott news from little updates to this site (like I added three whole discography entries!), I added a ‘site updates’ section to the front page, bottom right hand corner. Look at that for new pages that are added, or existing pages that are updated. It will show about the last 10 or so on there.

A Few Additions to the Site

Tweaks have been made to the album detail pages, so that it is easier to see who wrote which song. Also, some album detail pages have also been added. The “Knott Heads on H?” link on the right side of the page now leads to a more detailed about page, with a brief history of this site, as well as some information about me. For some reason, some people had emailed wanting that information, so there you go.

About this site: https://www.knottheads.com/about.php