New Webite for the Michael Knott Documentary “Fear Knott”

If you watched the recent Rocket and a Bomb Live DVD to the end, you might have noticed a mysterious website advertised at the end: When I first went to it, there was nothing there yet. But I remembered to take another look at it yesterday and found that it is up, and it is a new website for the upcoming Michael Knott documentary Fear Knott: The Musical Message of a Rock ‘n’ Roll Chameleon. No trailer yet, but there are some interesting tidbits to be found on the website. The most exciting part for Knott fans (well, after the documentary itself, of course) is that there will be a special soundtrack for this trailer. Maybe with some new / rare / unreleased songs? No details yet, but we can hope. Also, there is a gallery on the website with some interesting historical images, some that I haven’t seen before. Anyways, make sure to keep your eye on that website for more details as they are made available.