Blonde Vinyl Releases “Ford Supersonic” with Bonus Tracks

Have you been looking for a copy of Aunt Betty’s Ford Supersonic, and/or some rare Aunt Bettys songs? Head over to the Blonde Vinyl BandCamp and check out the deluxe edition of Ford Supersonic. Included on this edition are rare tracks like “Junkie”, demo songs like “Kill Me,” and Aunt Bettys versions of Knott songs like “Crash and Burn.” There is even a re-working of the Fluffy song “Guitars, Guns, and Girls.” While you are there, you can also get copies of Things I’ve Done, Things to Come or Live in Nashvegas as well.

Aunt Bettys Reunite for a Live Show

Michael Knott has been posting about an upcoming reunion live show for the Aunt Bettys. The word so far is that it will be September 14th at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa, California at 10:30 PM. It is also a free show according to Michael (probably just have to show up real early). All the original members will be playing. Good times!

See this link:!/profile.php?id=1633900168