Help Get the Michael Knott Tribute Film Released

If you weren’t able to make the Michael Knott Tribute concert, then don’t worry. There looks to be a chance to be able to see it still:

“On Saturday, April 6, 2024, friends of Michael Knott gathered in Costa Mesa, CA to share Stories and Songs from Michael Knott / Lifesavers / LSU / Aunt Betty’s.  

Performers included : Bill Campbell (The Throes), Wayne Everett (The Prayer Chain / Lassie Foundation), Mike Roe (77’s / Lost Dogs), Riki Michelle (Adam Again), Mike Stand (Altar Boys), Tim Taber (The Prayer Chain), Chris Brigandi (The Lifters), Chuck Cummings (Aunt Betty’s), Andy Prickett (The Prayer Chain / Cush), Brian Doidge (LSU, Aunt Betty’s), Andy Carter (Aunt Betty’s), Jyro Xhan (Mortal / Fold Zandura / MorZan), Jeff Sebens (LSU), Charles Martin (Rocky Valentines / Red Strat), Jason Martin (Starflyer 59), Steve Dail (Project 86 / Red Strat), Dave Palmer, and more.

The tribute event was captured on video and audio.  Many fans were not able to attend the event and asked if we could release the material we captured.  This campaign is to fund editing, design and digital release of the tribute event on YouTube so fans can experience what took place that night. Any extra funds raised will go to Mike’s daughter Stormie. If we don’t hit the goal, the film won’t be released.”

From what I understand, you can contribute any amount, and as long as they hit the goal the film they produce will be uploaded to YouTube for all to see. So makes sure to spread the word and make sure this Kickstarter gets funded.


Michael Gerard Knott Tribute and Funeral

Michael Knott’s obituary has been released, which gives details about the service. You can also leave various tributes in different ways through the site as well (there is a tribute wall along with the option to plant memorial trees).

For fans in California (or willing to travel), there will be a Michael Gerard Knott Tribute at Dick Church’s Restaurant on April 6th at 6:30. Tickets are limited, so make sure to buy yours if you plan to go. There will be songs and stories shared by friends of Knott. There will also be limited commemorative t-shirts for sale. All proceeds from the concert and shirts will go to Knott’s daughter Stormie.

(If you would like to leave a comment about Knott, please do so at the tribute website.)