Delirium Blue (Former Members of Bomb Bay Babies) Release Music

Fans of Michael Knott’s Bomb Bay Babies probably would remember the names Jamie Makarczyk and Neal Vorndran – the other two guys in the band with Knott (along with Brian Doidge in the early days). They also played on Wakin’ Up the Dead after Bomb Bay Babies broke up. What some might not know is that they formed a band with Jamie’s brother Alex and Chuck Rodriquez called Delirium Blue. Their 1990’s recordings seem to have been lost to time – until now. Their album Requiem has been uploaded to BandCamp. You can also check out the “only known video of the seminal 90’s glam band Delirium Blue” below.

Bomb Bay Babies Volume 2 Has Been Released!

Surprise! No word on the status the re-release of all of the Bomb Bay Babies material, but that means that the recently re-discovered Volume 2 has been released on BandCamp. Head over to the Blonde Vinyl BandCamp page to check out the tracks and purchase your own copy. While you are there, you can also stream Idle Lovell’s Surge et Illuminare and The Lifesavors’ Dream Life.

New Knott Music Coming Your Way Soon

For those that haven’t heard on Facebook yet, there is some good news about Michael Knott music:

  • First of all, the Wakin’ Up the Dead Kickstarter rewards have started shipping. The vinyl turned out very nice.
  • Second of all, Knott announced that the nine song All Indie EP II will be out by the end of the year.
  • Then Knott posted a video of himself and Rick McDonough recording a new song (possibly called “She’s a Winner”?) that they say will be on a new album they are working on called… Strip Cycle II. Wha?!?!?
  • The nearly mythical Bomb Bay Babies Volume 2 miraculously re-surfaced, and the word is that Volumes 1 and 2 have been sent to a label to be remastered and released as a double CD set.
  • Joshua Lory is hinting that he is trying to get the Strung Gurus songs that have been released all on to BandCamp, maybe as a complete EP (most songs are there except for one). We can pray that maybe this will encourage Knott to release the rest of the songs?

All this and more pops up as discussions in the Knottheads Facebook Group – of course, nothing is official until actual links to stuff for sale shows up, but if you want the inside scoop… you should join that group. You can even read the details of how the admin of this web site create the art layout for the Wakin’ Up the Dead vinyl. Its an instant cure for insomnia, for sure.

Bomb Bay Babies video on YouTube

I forgot to post this when it was first sent to me. Shawn found a video on YouTube that is a collection of actual live clips and fliers set to “Energy.” This is the first BBB video I have ever seen. Thanks to “faburto1138” for creating this video – any chance anyone has the full concert videos that these were taken from? The clips are just plain cool. I will get the video embedded in the videos section when I get a chance, but click on the related link to see it. Thanks Shawn for the heads up!

See this link: