Michael Knott | Live in Nashvegas

Another excellent live recording for Mr. Knott. This was an unplugged coffee house show in Nashville, TN with Steve Hindalong of The Choir on drums.

album cover

Michael Knott
Live in Nashvegas (2000 Marathon)
Produced by: Michael Knott

Michael Knott – Vocals, guitar, cover painting
Steve Hindalong – Drums, percussion

01) This is the Healing Knott From This is the Healing
02) Grace Knott, Rekedal From Grace Shaker
03) Story    
04) Jan the Weatherman Knott From Rocket and a Bomb
05) Story    
06) John Barrymore, Jr. Knott From Rocket and a Bomb
07) Story    
08) Kitty Courtesy Knott From Rocket and a Bomb
09) Star Baby Knott From Aunt Bettys
10) Blame Knott From Grace Shaker
11) Rock Stars on H Knott From Strip Cycle
12) Never Forsaken Knott From Alternative Worship
13) Rocket and a Bomb Knott From Rocket and a Bomb
14) Double Knott From Grace Shaker
15) Sea Shell Sally Knott From Dogfish Jones
16) Sugar Mama Knott From Strip Cycle
17) Christine on Crystal Knott From Ford Supersonic
18) Tether to Tassel Knott From Shaded Pain
19) Die Baby Die Knott From Shaded Pain

Older comments on “Michael Knott – Live in Nashvegas

  1. Chuck-o on December 15, 2013 at 08:02 pm said:

    Man, this is a great record. I was lucky enough to see Knott in concert, just him and an acoustic guitar which he smashed at the end, and it’s a show I’ll never forget. Live in Nashvegas really captures the spirit of Knott’s stripped down live performances, and with Hindalong on the album, it’s just a great listen from start to finish.

  2. Richard Towry on February 17, 2015 at 08:25 pm said:

    FYI – Apparently there was a pre-release “special edition” from Ear Pistol Records of this one, put out the same time as the “Things to Come…” pre-release.

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