More Writ on Water News

Former Blonde Vinyl recording artist Write on Water will be releasing several CDs in 2008. First up is an album that they have been working on an album for years called “A Wingless King“. They will also release two eps in 2008, “Ancestral Echo” and “Wunderzeit”. They also announced that they plan to re-release all previous projects, too. A new website is being promised in February.

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Sincerely Paul / Slide Website is Launched

As promised, the new Sincerely Paul / Slide website has been officially launched. The new site has two purposes: to catalog memories of Sincerely Paul, and to launch new music by Slide (featuring former members of Sincerely Paul). See or for more information. The Sincerely Paul re-issue is also still in the works.

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2008: The Year of Blonde Vinyl Reunions?

Michael Knott has already stated that L.S.U. will have a new album in 2008. We also know that Sincerely Paul is returning with a re-issue of Grieve and a new website. Now, Writ on Water is coming back in early 2008 with new music and a re-launched website. Who else will join this reunion fad? We’ll see. More details on each project will be announced as they become available.

Sincerely Paul Returns (sort of)

For fans of the former Blonde Vinyl band Sincerely Paul: a post at the Christian New Wave blog ( took on a life of it’s own: fans and former members of Sincerely Paul are interacting, and a tribute web site is possibly in the works. Also possible: release of unreleased bonus tracks for download or as a bonus disc with a re-issued Grieve. Nothing is for sure yet, but check the blog entry for details as they arise.

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Video Area is Up and Almost Complete

Due to several fans posting Knott-related videos on YouTube, I decided to create an area to collect most of these videos. I am also adding the Blonde Vinyl videos there as well. So far, there are about half of the Blonde Vinyl videos, the Gene Eugene tribute concert, Cush at Cstone, Cush live at The Door (Dallas, TX), and a few other random videos up in there.

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