In the Corner Back By the Woodpile Podcast Interviews John J. Thompson, Discussing Knott Along the Way

In the Corner Back By the Woodpile Podcast recently interviewed John J. Thompson, and discussed Knott and Blonde Vinyl along the way:

Back in the late 1980’s, a little magazine began to be passed around by discouraged and disenfranchised music loving, truth seeking believers on the back pews of churches. The mag was called True Tunes and what it did was send up flare to those folks who were looking for music with meaning and integrity, both of which unfortunately for many did not exist in the mainstream Christian music industry of the times. The visionary of the publication was a kid-at-the-time by the name of John J Thompson who joins us to tell us of the rise, the fall and possible resurrection of True Tunes.

Part 1

Part 2