Mike Knott and Hidden From Blackout

I mentioned a while back that Mike’s partner in Struck Last May (Rick McDonough) has a side band called Hidden From Blackout. I thought some of the vocals in the HFB songs on MySpace sounded vaguely Knott-ish. When I asked about that, HFB responded that Mike is an influence and does sometimes provide back-up… but not on the posted songs. So, someday we might see some HFB stuff added to the Knott discography. But I still look forward to the HFB album, with or without Mike’s back-up.

See this link: http://www.myspace.com/hiddenfromblackout

Hidden From Blackout

[Still no new word on the Struck Last May project. But Michael’s partner in SLM, Rick McDonough, also has a project called Hidden From Blackout. Two of the HFB MySpace songs (“JU88” & “As Noon”) have a vocalist that sounds almost exactly like Mike Knott. I’ll have to find out for sure. But that just means that if you like Mike’s trippy, experimental stuff – you will probably like this band, too: http://www.myspace.com/hiddenfromblackout