Live Recording and New 7″ In The Works

This was just posted by Joshua Lory: “Got my notes ready, practice, practice, practice (by myself right now). No solid date yet, but I think we have a venue picked out, should be in September sometime, looking like Oakland, Ca will be the city. Michael Knott, myself, Matt Biggers, Nick White, and Jafar Rafee Green will be playing the entire Rocket And A Bomb album live (upon availability of these musicians) to celebrate it’s 20 year mark. I’m sure a few other tunes will be tagged on to the set. Brian Healy was kind enough to offer Dead Artist Syndrome as an opener! Todd A. Zeller has offered to film the show! While Mike is up visiting, he and I will be recording a new EP to be released on 7″ vinyl, CD, and download. What this means is a Kickstarter will be launched to cover cost of making DVD’s of Rocket And A Bomb Live and the EP. I’ll keep everyone posted on when everything is happening as soon as I have the details.”

New Knott Music Is Coming!

Recent discussion on Facebook have unearthed proof that Michael Knott is working on new albums. And also finishing out some old ones. A new Michael Knott Fan page is up on Facebook for discussions, but it sports a picture of Mr. Knott working on Pennies For Stormie Laine. A few other releases have been mentioned to, so we may see a flurry of new music over the next year or two.

Bradford J. Salamon Paints To Cruz’n Ride

The video below features Bradford J. Salamon working on a painting called “Harley Knucklehead.” The video is a film By Eric Minh Swenson and is set to “Cruz’n’ Ride” by Michael Knott. Fans of Idle Lovell will remember Bradford as the drummer and artist for the Surge et Illuminare album. Bradford had this to say on Facebook:

“just posted on YouTube my film with Michael Knott song Cruz ‘n’ Ride showing my new paintings. Mike is very old friend and I got his permission and payed him as well. I played drums in his first real band called “The One” when we were 14 years old. We surfed, got in fights, lived in Hollywood, traded girlfriends and had a blast!”

Michael Knott Re-Issues On The Horizon?

Intense Millennium Records is a new label that purchased the entire catalog of the Frontline Music Group – which includes many older Michael Knott releases. They plan on re-issuing about 2 albums per month with updated graphics and bonus tracks. There is nothing firm on anything Knott-related, but some online ads have Michael Knott listed among the bands to be re-issued. So go to their Facebook page and request Michael Knott.

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Out of Print Knott Albums

Some rare Michael Knott related tunes are now available in FLAC format (which can be converted to mp3 or regular CD format) for a limited time. All titles are just $10. Email Steve Ruff for more details at This is for titles that are currently out of stock at the official site. I’ve checked with Steve and the money for these albums does goes to Michael himself.

Updates on Upcoming Knott Project

There aren’t very many official updates to report yet, but a few unofficial tidbits. A member of the Knott FaceBook page (you should join it if you haven’t) asked Mike about the L.S.U. album and reported that he said it was being mixed. Also, inside sources report that the songs for the new Lifesavors album are picked and may start recording soon.

Massive amounts of Knott-y News!

As reported in Down the Line magazine, Michael Knott is up to a lot of stuff now, and this site will updated with all of this news as soon as I can. Some highlights: Brian Doidge is going to be on the upcoming L.S.U. album, Losing Angel is not happening anymore, Even Star is coming soon, and the Lifesavors new album looks like it is gaining steam. Wow. Much more to be heard – read the magazine for details!

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Down the Line Magazine launches

Down the Line is a music-focused magazine that seeks to be different from the status quo in entertainment journalism. In 2008, Matt and Steve noticed that their favorite artists (past and present) weren’t getting the attention and promotion that they deserved. They decided to do something about it… but they decided to do it with no budget and no desire to make money themselves. They just wanted to promote some great music that isn’t covered by the mainstream media. Therefore, “Down The Line” was born: a magazine that promotes and caters to the artist and their art. Because they are not bound by a budget, there is no pressure to promote the latest band and record label. This is an independent magazine, with the independent artists in mind. The best part is, each issue is completely free! Please come and check us out at We launch on October 8th with interviews of Michael Knott, Josh Lory from LSU, Allan Aguirre from Scaterd Few, Writ On Water and plenty of album and concert reviews, musings, ramblings and fun. Stop by our site to read the production blog and please leave comments about what you want to see in the future.

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