The Hightops demo
These songs weren't released until 1995, on the Lifesavers album Huntington Beach. In a brief intro to these songs, Mike says that they were recorded in 1978. They are placed here in the discography for historical purposes only. The sound on these songs is a basic surf rock sound, similar to early Lifesavors. According to Bradford, this was probably the original name for their band The One, which was the first "real band" they formed when they were 14. They would play The Cookoos Nest, colleges, house parties, and pool parties in Orange County.

album cover

The Hightops
demo (1978)

Michael Knott - vocals, guitars(?)
Bridget Knott - vocals
Vince Pangrazio - bass(?)
Bradford J. Salmon - drums(?)

01) Who Is She songwriter unknown
02) Get Outta My Life songwriter unknown
03) Susie's Got Eyes For You songwriter unknown

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Songs appropriately relabeled in iTunes as The Hightops songs! Thanks!

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