The Lifesavors - 3-14-81 (live)
This is the earliest known recording of Lifesavors songs. Michael Knott's role in this version of the Lifesavors is unknown. Only one song from this demo made it on to any other releases.

This demo was recorded live at a church in Downey, CA. According to the Key Records website, Spamm said "...a truly melodious collection of grunty punk ensembles. Tight, fast and unlike the arrant ramblings of the 1977 punk explosion, these guys are just as hard-edged about their spiritual beliefs as their music. The Lifesavors are a group the likes of which the Buzzcocks would be proud of as they successfully blend good old rock 'n' roll with a cheap fuzzbox. Great! A good, raw meat tape anyway." The Underground said "while the recording of this concert is rough, it undeniably captures Christian music at a very formative time."

Other information:
The red images below are from the 1990 Key Records re-issue of this album. The black & white image below is from the 2004 Key Records CDR version.

album cover

The Lifesavors
3-14-81 (live) (1981)

Mark Krischak
Mike Knott
Chris Wimber
Kevin Annis

01) Christianity Krischak Studio version re-recorded on Us Kids
02) On the Street unknown  
03) You Don't Know unknown  
04) I've Got to unknown  
05) Record unknown  
06) Take Us Home unknown  

Other Images
other image  CD-R cover

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