Worship Songs of the Vineyard - He's Worthy To Be Praised
Early Vineyard recording which is extremely hard to find these days. Michael Knott's name was misspelled on this release. Knott was the lead singer on one track and possibly a background vocalist for some or all of the others.

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Worship Songs of the Vineyard
He's Worthy To Be Praised (1982 Mercy Records)
Produced by Ron Tutt

Ron Tutt - drums
John Wimber - keyboards
Don Gerber - guitars
Eddie Espinosa - guitars
David Coy - electric bass
Jeff Lams - keyboards & synthesizers

Singers: Albert Barry, Eddie Espinosa, Corlis Hutchinson, Joseph Key, Michael Knot, Dave Kitchens, John Lei, Rex & Chris Lynch, Marilyn Marvin, Jeanne Mayer, Valerie Rosenau, Greg Schauer, Jo Ann Seel, Diane Stauber, Ron Tutt, Carl Tuttle, Eloise Willey, John Wimber.

01) He's Worthy To Be Praised 2:09 Tuttle
02) I Bless You Lord 3:35 Tuttle
03) No One But You 3:27 Wimber
04) Change My Heart, Oh God 2:53 Espinosa
05) Isn't He 3:25 Wimber
06) You Are The King Who Reigns 2:05 David Boyd
07) Every Breath That I Take 2:30 Espinosa Michael Knot (solo)
08) I'm Yours 2:30 Espinosa
09) I Receive You 2:32 Lei
10) You Are The Mighty King 3:20 Espinosa
11) Spirit Of The Living God 2:05 (anonymous)

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