Michael Knott - Screaming Brittle Siren
Michael Knott's first official solo release. Due to problems with Blonde Vonyl's distributor going under, this album was fairly hard to find for quite a while (now available as a CD-R re-issue online). This album is one of the heavier and darker of Knott's solo albums, showcasing a strong 90's heavy alternative influence.

Other information:
This album was scheduled to be re-released in the late 1990's on the Lion Communications label, but they went out of business. Re-released independently on CD-R format in 2003.

Remastered in 2011 by J. Powel (Cliffy of The Huntingtons). Remaster was released as a digital download on Bandcamp.com

album cover

Michael Knott
Screaming Brittle Siren (1992 Blonde Vinyl Records)
Produced by: Michael Knott

Michael Knott - Guitars, vocals, string arrangements
Chuck Cummings - Pearl drums
Bob Wohler - Bass
Dave Koval - Guitars
Chris Colbert - Feedback
Debbie Devore - Backing Vocals
Mirium Mayer - Violin
Melisa Hasin - Cello

01) Miles from Shame Knott  
02) Crash and Burn Knott Re-recorded by the Aunt Bettys (see Things I've Done...)
03) Apocalypse Lips Knott Original version is on a Bomb Bay Babies demo
04) Brittle Body Knott  
05) Blood on My Hands Knott  
06) Liar Knott Original version is on a Bomb Bay Babies demo
07) Hang Me High Knott  
08) Draw the Line Knott  
09) Gold Silver Soup and Silk Knott  
10) I am no Christ Knott  
11) What You Know Now Knott  
12) Barnacle Knott  
13) Shine a Light Knott  
14) Bonus G.S.S.S. Knott  


Comments about Michael Knott - Screaming Brittle Siren
Seriously, I've always considered this to be among the top 3 Christian rock albums ever recorded along side Prayer Chain's Mercury and Fluffy's Go Fluffy Go. This is a must-have record for Knott fans the world over.

Comment posted by TapeHead on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 08:24 PM
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