Lifesavers - Huntington Beach
The last Lifesavers album. Also the heaviest (almost punk-ish) album with less spiritual but incredibly funny lyrics. Michael also included the first songs he recorded with a band called The Hightops as bonus tracks at the end.

album cover

Huntington Beach (1995 BAI)
Produced by: The Lifesavers

Michael Knott - Vocals, guitar, bass
Brian Doidge - Vocals, guitar, bass
Chuck Cummings - Drums
01) When She's Gone Knott  
02) Disappointed Doidge  
03) Huntington Beach Police Knott  
04) Mrs. King Doidge  
05) Rent a Cop Knott  
06) Out Doidge  
07) Big Kimono Knott  
08) Sick Doidge  
09) Daddy's Womp Knott  
10) The Day Elevis Died Knott  
11) Should Have Known Doidge  
12) Joey Ramone Knott  
13) Who is She (bonus track) unknown See also the Hightops page
14) Get Outta My Life (bonus track) unknown See also the Hightops page
15) Susie's Got Eyes For You (bonus track) unknown See also the Hightops page

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