L.S. Underground - Bring It Down Now
The first attempt to release a Michael Knott collection. This is strange collection in that the cassette contains songs and song notes that the CD doesn't. There are three new songs on this release: "Funky Space Cat", "Baby Flies a Coment", and "It Fits Inside". Some songs are live versions, some are remixed, and one song "I've Got This", is a mix of random noises (claiming to be from every single Knott release) that apparently has a message for those with the patience to figure it out. So far, no one has.

album cover

L.S. Underground
Bring It Down Now (1996 Gray Dot Records)
Produced by Michael Knott (on the new songs)

Michael Knott - Vocals, acoustic guitars, mixing, cover painting
Brian Doidge - Guitars on Funky Space Cat
Erick Coomes - Bass on Funky Space Cat
Ed Benrock - Drums on Funky Space Cat
Drue Cartand - Guitars on Baby Flies a Comet
The Brain of a Greyhound - Bass on Baby Flies a Comet
Chucky - Drums on Baby Flies a Comet

Artists listed above are for the new songs only. See the links to the original albums for the members on older songs.

01) Red Swine (remix) Knott, Doidge From World Tour
02) The Bomb/Not a Cussword (live) Knott From Wakin' Up the Dead/This is the Healing
03) The Grape Phrophet Speaks Knott From The Grape Prophet
04) Funky Space Cat Knott  
05) House of Love Knott From Wakin' Up the Dead
06) * There's a Time Knott From World Tour
07) * Shaded Pain Knott From Shaded Pain
08) * G.G.G. Knott From This is the Healing
09) Radio Swine (remix) Knott, Doidge Remix of "Red Swine" from World Tour
10) Ellis in the Orchard Knott From The Grape Prophet
11) * I've Got This samples of songs
12) Plague of Flies (remix) Knott, Doidge, Lee From Shaded Pain
13) Baby Flies a Comet Knott  
14) Die Baby Die (live) Knott From Shaded Pain
15) Double Sister (remix) samples of songs
16) This is the Healing Knott From This is the Healing
17) Travels (remix) Knott From The Grape Prophet
18) English Interpreter of English Knott From The Grape Prophet
19) Tether to Tassel (live) Knott From Shaded Pain
20) It Fits Inside Knott  
21) Rocket & a Bomb / Kitty (live) Knott Both originally on Rocket and a Bomb
22) Industry, Inc. (remix) Knott Original mix on ACM Compilation # 1

* Songs that are only on the cassette

The CD and cassette versions also had different liner notes. The CD had the technical details for each song, whereas the cassette had stories about each song. Click here to read the combined liner notes from both versions.

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The remixes on this are horrendous...

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