Rich Young Ruler - Rich Young Ruler
Michael Knott co-wrote one song on Rich Young Ruler's self-titled album album.

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Rich Young Ruler
Rich Young Ruler (1998 Benson)
Produced by Gene Eugene and Terry Taylor

Erik Tokle - BGVs, Bass Guitar
Rob Bender - Guitars, Vocals
Jennifer Bender - Vocals
Mead - Guitars, Vocals
Ron Mukai - BGVs, Drums
Roy Z - BGVs, Percussion, Recorder

01) Take It Anywhere
02) Magic Nowheres (Run Around)
03) Wearing Me Out
04) The Ride
05) Smile
06) Who's Gonna Make You Happy
07) All These Sorrows
08) Anyways
09) Feeling This Way
10) If I Could Hold You
11) In Touch written by Rob Bender and Mike Knott
12) She Runs She Hides
13) Every Time You Reach For Me
14) You've Got The Right Words

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