Strung Gurus
The Strung Gurus was a collaborative project between Michael and Dennis Dannell of Social Distortion fame. A few songs were released on two compilations, and a few other song names were mentioned here and there - but the album has not been released yet. Dennis passed away during the recording of these songs, so it is uncertain if they will ever be released. These songs are placed here in the discography to highlight their place in the Knott catalog, as well as to bring attention to some really great alternative pop songs.

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Strung Gurus
(no albums yet) (2000)
Produced by: Michael Knott and Dennis Dannell

Michael Knott - Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, mixing
Dennis Dannell - Guitar
Andy Prickett - Guitar
Sean Paul - Bass
Ed Benrock - Drums

Chelsea's Chasin' Dragons Knott, Dannell Released on Things I've Done, Things to Come
Sun Eyed Girl Knott, Dannell Released on Things I've Done, Things to Come
My Ex-Fiance in D.C. (aka Rental Skin) Knott, Dannell Released on Things I've Done, Things to Come
Miss Liberty Knott, Dannell Released on Things to Come, Things I've Done
Numb Knott, Dannell (unreleased)
Suicide by Cop Knott, Dannell (unreleased)
Diva Overdrive Knott, Dannell (unreleased)
Whoville Knott, Dannell (unreleased)

Comments about Strung Gurus
Has anyone heard anymore about whether this would be or maybe has been released? Would love to hear the others as the four sound great!

Comment posted by Nick on Saturday, November 29, 2014 at 09:25 PM
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