Value Pac - Incognito
According to the band, in addition to playing guitar on one track, Michael's influence can be felt on other songs on this album, especially in the vocals.

album cover

Value Pac
Incognito (2000 Four Door Entertainment)
Produced by Dennis Danell

Ryan Sheely - Guitar / vocals
Sean Paul - Bass

01) Corporate Cover Up Sheely  
02) Showdown Paul / Sheely  
03) Cheyenne Sheely  
04) Bad Bad Me Sheely  
05) Heart of Stone Sheely  
06) That's the Way It Goes Sheely  
07) Poncho Paul / Sheely  
08) Stoney Plains Sheely Michael Knott: Acoustic Guitar
09) Don't Let It Go Sheely  
10) Prodigal Sheely  
11) Princess Paul / Sheely  
12) Dear God Sheely  
13) She Told Me Sheely  
14) Free Sheely  

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