A Live Tribute Recording for Gene Eugene
These two songs were credtied to LSU/Michael Knott.

album cover

Various Artists
A Live Tribute Recording for Gene Eugene (2001 Northern Records)
Produced by Eric Campuzano

Disc 1
01) E.P. Nights Starflyer 59
02) Going Places Starflyer 59
03) Christmas D.A.S.
04) All Right The Violet Burning
05) Elaste The Violet Burning
06) Cry Myself To Sleep Undercover
07) Witch Hunt Undercover
08) The Bomb LSU/ Michael Knott Originally on Wakin' Up the Dead
09) Kitty Courtesy LSU/ Michael Knott Originally on Rocket and a Bomb

Disc 2
01) Hide Away Steve Hindalong
02) Hey Gene Steve Hindalong
03) You Found Me The Altar Boys
04) World Burning The Altar Boys
05) World Wide The Altar Boys
06) Alright The Altar Boys
07) When You're A Rebel The Altar Boys
08) Mercury The Prayer Chain
09) Chalk The Prayer Chain
10) Grylliade The Prayer Chain
11) Dig The Prayer Chain
12) Sun Stoned The Prayer Chain
13) Sky High The Prayer Chain

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