HM Magazine Sampler Sept/Oct 2001
This song was recorded as paart of an HM magazine contest. Readers were encouraged to write a song, and Michael would record the winner. This song was the result of that contest.

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Various Artists
HM Magazine Sampler (2001 Independent)

01) Free Radial Angel
02) Every Crown Has Its Thorn Apologetix
03) Franchise Eight:28
04) 9 Out Of 10 Justifide
05) Abraham's Song Flax PRF
06) Demons Goliath
07) The Dark Romantics The Awakening
08) No Rock Among Thorns
09) Undiscovered The Rock & Roll Worship Circus
10) Alien Youth Skillet
11) Prevails Still Breathing
12) What Lurks Within Psycoma
13) Fly Adrian Lee
14) Genuine The 77s
15) Devotion Mike Knott William Link, Knott
16) (thoughts on P.O.D.) Warriors

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