Michael Knott - 2003 Tour CD 2 (aka 'Gerard')
This independent CD-R was originally sold at Michael's concerts in 2003, but is now available through the official site. These are mostly unreleased songs and new versions of exisiting songs.

Tracks 1-6 were recorded in various hotels and churches while on tour in 2001
Tracks 7-9 are previously unreleased solo demo
Track 10 is a previously unreleased Aunt Bettys dem

album cover

Michael Knott
2003 Tour CD 2 (aka "Gerard") (2003 Indepedendent CD-R)
Produced by: Michael Knott

Michael Knott - Guitars, Vocals, Piano, Drums, Bass, Bottles, Boxes, Lighters, Ashtrays, Diet Coke Can, Hangers, Bed on 1-6, cover painting
David Pettypiece - Bass on track 1
Bob Wilkinson - Bass on tracks 2, 4 & 5
Matthew Morton - Drums on track 1
Jason Chu - Backing vocals

01) In the Sun Knott  
02) Imposters Knott  
03) Wishing You Knott  
04) Home Run Knott  
05) Fight Tonight Knott  
06) Hand Me Down My Walking Cane Traditional  
07) Christine on Crystal Knott Original version is on Ford Supersonic
08) Halo Knott From the Industry Demo
09) Movie Star Knott From the Industry Demo
10) Jan the Weatherman Knott Original version is on Rocket and a Bomb
11) Bark/Bite Knott Re-recorded by Lifesavers on Heaven High
12) Have You Seen? Knott  

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